Christy Waldrop

Christy Waldrop tournament fishes with her husband Scott. She loves to crappie fish, and hunt in the Western Kentucky area. She is also a member of Dexter Pentecostal Church where she is the Secretary for the Church and has been since 2005.  When Christy isn’t on the water she works for the Marshall County school … [Read more…]

Karissa Mooney

Karissa is excited to start tournament fishing with her father this upcoming season. When she’s not on the water,  she also enjoys photography, softball, FFA, hunting and her youth group activities at church. She is very active with the youth and on social media.  She does a lot of her social networking during photography and … [Read more…]

Holly Linton

Holly Linton is one half of The Green Machine fishing team. Holly has been fishing her whole life, but has been fishing professionally since 2014. She enjoys crappie fishing, particularly traveling around the country with her husband, Jack competing in the Crappie Masters tournament trail, where they have multiple top 5 finishes. Holly generally enjoys … [Read more…]

Amber Lakotas

I am a Colorado raised all around avid outdoorswoman seated in the panhandle of Idaho. I live for the seasons when I’m not chasing whitetail I’m hanging off the edge of my boat dragging in large mouths.

Beth Broxton

I am a Florida raised girl who loves the outdoors! From fishing to hunting, and everything in between! I always look for a new adventure.  I believe in teaching the youth about our natural resources, and how to enjoy them! My passion of being outside has brought me much joy, and I love to capture … [Read more…]

Genia Vincent

Owner of On The Side Catering, which is a National Sponsor for Crappie Masters. Been fishing since I was about 10 years old.  Ventured away from Crappie fishing a few years ago and traveled to streams and fly fished for mostly trout.  Fellow angler got my passion flowing again for crappie fishing.  Started fishing for … [Read more…]

Paula Nowell

Meridian, MS Paula’s passion for crappie fishing began in 2008 when she and her husband began tournament fishing as a team with Magnolia Crappie Club out of Mississippi. Her mission is to provide each and everyone a chance to fish competitively and to grow the sport of crappie fishing. Paula believes that every child should … [Read more…]